Solar panel company in Punjab

Professional Solar Panel Company in Punjab

Solar Energy is available in abundance and it’s the natural form of energy derived from the sun. In Punjab, the uncontrolled costs of electricity are really depriving. Subsequently, most people are turning towards the cleanest energy resources using solar panels. SolarX Enterprises is a leading company with a clear vision to deliver high-tech solar panel Company in Punjab. By serving advanced and transformative solar energy solutions, we help people in saving money and future sustainability. Our expertise in installing roof-top solar panels helps in conserving energy and reducing carbon footprints. So, are you looking to install solar panels in your residential, commercial, or industrial building? We are a one-stop solution for all your needs to switch to natural energy resources.

Solar panel in Punjab

Go Green – Choose Our Solar Company in Punjab

 Opting for green energy sources is crucial to save the planet. Thus, using these sources no greenhouse gases and pollutants are released in the atmosphere. Hence, you can move to clean energy production for your building. The power is harnessed from the sun to convert it into renewable energy. It means the energy source is not exhausted when used. Moreover, the sun regenerates the energy which is transformed by the solar panels. So, using the technology of solar panel power in Punjab is on the rise these days. We are a top-rated Solar Company in Punjab offering the best technology to set up panels with Tier 1 user authentication and safety. 

Why choose us as your Solar Panel Dealer in Punjab?

At SolarX Enterprises, is the Best Solar Panel Dealer In Punjab, we believe that clean energy source is making the electric grip more dependable. It is gaining utmost popularity across Punjab, especially among residential property owners. So, most households these days are generating their own power using solar energy. We are serving our clients exponentially with quality-rich and swift solar panel installations. So, oversee the reasons why solar is a good solution to power energy solutions.

Saving more money with SolarX Enterprise

Installing solar panel in Punjab is certainly an affordable and money-saving solution. Also, with the electricity bills trending upwards, it remains a powerful alternative to energy in the future. So, by installing solar energy, you can harness money-saving for years to come. However, savings depend on how much energy you consume. But as an average household user, you can reduce your electricity bills by 90% with this technology. SolarX Enterprises provides you with options of on-grid, off-grid, and Hybrid PCU to choose from as per specific needs.

Consistent power supply and solar panel installation service in Punjab

You can get rid of interrupted power supply using our solar panel installation service in Punjab. The solar system supplies power even when the electricity from the grid is disrupted. We pair the solar panel with a battery storage system for your home. It means the stored energy keeps you from consuming power regardless of grid failure. Therefore, the incentive of energy storage with solar panels makes sense to invest in this system. In addition to this, solar panels work in different climate conditions as well. Even during winter when the sunlight is limited, it can power an average household efficiently. 

Solar panel services in Punjab

SolarX Enterprises is a popular Punjab-wide service for solar panel installation. Being the leading solar energy installers, we cover vast areas including major cities, towns, and villages. We offer varied classifications of reliable solar power solutions. So, take a look at what we cover in our solar panel services in Punjab.

On-grid solar

For all of your residential power needs, we recommend the solution of on-grid solar. It is a system that is tied to your local power grid. Thus, it allows you to consume energy according to your varying needs. Simply put, it works in sync with your local power grid to supply energy. However, it is most commonly used for residential buildings due to low cost and maintenance. Also, there is no need for batteries since the power utility system acts as your battery storage space.

Off-grid solar

The system with off-grid solar capacity provides you with self-sustainability for power consumption. It is a solar panel system that generates energy and stores it using battery space. Thus, it can run independently from the local power grid. This means you don’t need to maintain battery storage for such a solar system. However, this system comes with high cost and maintenance thus mostly suitable for commercial places.

Hybrid solar

SolarX Enterprises offers a hybrid solar panel system in Punjab that uses solar photovoltaic panels to generate energy. The system works to generate clean energy and can intelligently switch between solar, battery, and grid power. You can use the system to avoid power consumption from the local grid. Hence, it can make solar consumption energy-efficient and money-saving.

Benefits of choosing SolarX Enterprises

We have gained the utmost recognition as the most trusted and experienced solar company in Punjab. In a period of 10 years, we have served countless residential, commercial, and industrial properties. So, choosing us for installing solar panels can definitely provide you with a considerable advantage.

Best-quality solar panels in the market

SolarX Enterprises exclusively installs high-efficiency solar panels for its valuable customers. We boast a higher efficiency solar system to generate clean energy with independent durability tests. Thus, our panels outperform and last longer than other panels in the market.

Expert installation crew

 We host a team of experts who are quicker to install solar panels in Punjab with no glitches. Irrespective of the type of building and height, we are capable of installing panels for accurate working. Moreover, we have advanced tool kits and safety gears to make installing work smooth, safe, and efficient.

Expertise in all domains

SolarX Enterprises has expertise in all domains of solar panel installation. Across the mainland of Punjab, we cover the vast majority of residential buildings such as houses. We also cover commercial regions such as shops and stores for installation. Apart from this, we cover industrial sectors such as factories, hospitals, and schools/colleges for solar energy.


We render easy and transparent financing options to our clients. We let them get the solar panels installed at the lowest initial costs.

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