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Commercial solar system installation services in Jalandhar for your shop/office 

A commercial property such as a shop and office comprises high power usage. The consistent supply of power from day to night to these buildings requires a sturdy power resource. However, higher use of electricity comes with hefty costs in the form of electricity bills. So, power consumption is an integral factor for the higher operational costs of businesses. At SolarX Enterprises, we provide innovative solar solutions for commercial establishments. So, get your high-performance and sustainable solar panel in Jalandhar by calling us. We are solarizing the commercial space like shops and offices which require effective solutions for constant supply and cost reductions.

Solar Panel In Jalandhar

Seek the best commercial solar system  in Jalandhar

Depending on your power consumption usage, SolarX Enterprises can offer you the right solutions. We are an expert team of solar system installers, project consultants, service, and maintenance. So, whether you have a small shop or a large office establishment, we can develop the best solar plan for you. We have exceptional experience in rooftop installation for solar power panel in Jalandhar. So, without any interruption of work, our team can serve you with rapid installation of solar panels. From the day first, you can start consuming solar power fetched from the sun to cut your expenses. You can easily realize the need for high power consumption during working hours.

Harness the advantage of our commitment to excellence

SolarX Enterprises brings you a valuable approach to mitigate the risk of sudden power outages. In Jalandhar, the commercial sector comprised of local shops and offices is vast. So, the consumption of power is in extended demand. Especially for the summer days, it reaches to peak levels due to the summer heat. So, using power for air conditioners and HVAC systems requires a consistent supply. Therefore, we are a reliable source to implement the solution of solar panel installation in Jalandhar. Our in-depth expertise and knowledge in working with off-grid and hybrid solar systems is implausible. Thus, we can install a solar system for you that delivers a continuous supply of power to your grid. Also, the surplus power is stored by the battery storage to use when needed. Apart from this, SolarX Enterprises is committed to serving you with:

High-performing solar panels

We opt for the superior design of solar panels crafted with the best engineering to ensure better performance. Also, our quality of installation work provides you with better savings.

Expert Personnel

We comprise a team of experts who have in-depth knowledge about the working of solar panels. They are familiar with the installation of panels and connecting them to power sources. Additionally, we are the market leader in Punjab covering an extensive part of commercial solar paneling.

Best technology

We use the best photovoltaic (PV) technology with superior power modules. Thus, we have highly efficient inverters and reliable installation structures. So, hiring us would certainly escalate your commercial solar power project to successful goal orientation.

Commercial solar panels in Jalandhar – The future of businesses

We are rapidly transforming into a world where eco-friendliness and sustainability are crucial. Therefore, many businesses are switching to the modern technology of solar systems. So, SolarX Enterprises is serving those creative thinkers with commercial solar panels in Jalandhar. We are serving companies by installing solar panels on their rooftops and vacant lands. Thus, with the intended purpose of powering their premises, we choose the best solar products. The solar panel implementation designed, supplied, and installed by our team complements any commercial project whether small or big. So, if you want to move with the fast-changing future, switch to this efficient renewable energy system. 

Working on commercial solar panels

The eventual aim of solar panels is to harness the energy from the sun to convert it into electricity. The photovoltaic cells of solar panels work to capture the sun’s energy to convert it into direct current. An inverter installed on solar panels then converts DC power to alternating current (AC). Thus, it works to supply electricity to power your appliances and devices. In order to deliver maximum sun exposure, we installed the panels on rooftops. Also, we connect the solar panels to a monitoring system to ensure their optimum working. Below, take a look at how installing a commercial solar system is beneficial for your office.

Lower operating cost

The cost of commercial electricity is greater than in residential areas. As a business owner, you need a continuous supply of power for your shop/office. Also, for bigger commercial spaces, the KW capacity of the grid is greater. Therefore, you have to pay more price per unit for commercial power consumption. Solar panel installation in Jalandhar by SolarX Enterprises helps you manage operational costs. You can considerably lower the cost of electricity for your office space. Depending on the KW and electricity consumption, we install the solar panel on your rooftop. Thus, it facilitates you with a greater advantage of cost-cutting for the office.

Obtain incentives and tax credits

Commercial entities can also take advantage of government schemes such as tax credits and incentives. Thus, by installing solar panel in Jalandhar for your commercial space, you can become a beneficiary. However, the tax credit schemes might vary as per the total area covered. So, we take a survey of your commercial area to initiate the task of installation. We make sure to install the required number of solar panels as per your needs. Also, our quality work ensures to provide you with the best results in terms of power generation.

Contact us for commercial solar panels in Jalandhar

If you want to enter into the revolution of solar energy, SolarX Enterprises is the best service to contact. We are the best solar company in Jalandhar offering intuitive solutions to commercial entities. Our diligent process of surveying properties enables us to craft a valid plan for solar panel installation. So, by evaluating your energy needs, we can provide you with a bespoke plan. Invest in our reputable PV solar designs to cater to energy and cost-saving needs.

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