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Get your property energized with Our Solar Panel Installation Services in Gurdaspur

Solar panels are a remarkable example of technological advancement. Using the advantage of this technology, you can tap into a clean source of energy. The solar panel system enables you to light your home/office using the energy of the sun. Thus, it saves you the electricity costs by reducing energy bills. SolarX Enterprises is a professional installation and maintenance company for solar panel in Gurdaspur. We deal with solar grid energy and aim to help our clients to reduce their monthly electricity bills. After-sales service is our prime responsibility and we serve with commitment and diligence. We specialize in residential, commercial, and industrial solar panel installation.

Solar Panel In Gurdaspur

Why choose Solar energy for your property? 

The energy which is provided by the sun for an hour can meet the global energy needs of one year. Subsequently, the sun is a powerful source of energy. But it is impossible to fetch even a fraction of its energy directly to power our lighting system. Therefore, we take the initiative of solar panel installation in Gurdaspur to harness the power of the sun safely. It works to get power from the sun to convert into electricity as a clean source. SolarX Enterprises hosts a range of high-quality solar panels which are tested and technology-integrated. So, our seamless installation services facilitate you to deal with the issue of energy preservation.

SolarX Enterprises – A well-admired name as Solar Panel Dealers in Gurdaspur

We are one of the best solar panel companies in Gurdaspur having sturdy recognition in the area. Our round-the-clock work for solar panel installation delivers high performance to our customers. Thus, we deliver timely-optimized solar installation services in the best possible way. In addition to this, we are experts in offering tailored solutions for solar panels to our valuable clients.

For every homeowner in Gurdaspur, we have on-grid solar systems. These systems work to deliver a continuous supply of power incorporated with the local grid. Hence, you can realize the varying needs of electricity to power your house. For commercial and industrial places, we install off-grid and hybrid solar systems. These systems provide solid backup power to large properties with battery storage of solar energy. Thus, SolarX Enterprises is your one-stop solution to accomplish all of your solar needs. We have extensive areas of solar power panels in Gurdaspur including:







Therefore, irrespective of your area and type of property, SolarX Enterprises is readily available to serve. You simply need to call us or visit our website to book the service.

How do we work for solar panel installations in Gurdaspur? 

SolarX Enterprises has a team of experts who have installed more than 2 megawatts of rooftop solar panels. Covering the large area of Gurdaspur city and surrounding villages, we promote green-house energy. Thus, the usage of solar energy is crucial to retain a clean and green environment. So, for opting for the installation work of solar panels in Gurdaspur, you can reach us. Our process is simple and helps you to get a fast turnaround for solar projects. Here are 3 steps to implement a solar energy system by SolarX Enterprises.

Ask for solar energy

Depending on your needs, you can call us to get a free quote for the solar system. We visit your property for a free site survey to initialize the process.

Placing an order

Place an order with us for solar panel services in Gurdaspur and we apply net metering for you. Schedule an installation date as per your own flexibility with us.

Get your solar panel installed

Our expert installers will complete the solar system installation work and guide you precisely about its working. Thus, you can start producing your own electricity to yield higher ROI. 

Reasons to choose SolarX Enterprises for solar system installation Safety at its best 

Well, solar installation is not a DIY task since it requires technical expertise. It involves a lot of moving parts related to solar panels. Thus, the task is complicated to accomplish for a layman. Moreover, you have to walk across the roof by climbing up and down the ladders. So, SolarX Enterprises can make this challenging task fast, safe, and convenient. Our expertise with solar panel installation in Gurdaspur tremendously reduces the chances of injuries and accidents.

We have the right tools

Installation of solar panels requires specialized tools that are beyond the standardized hammers and wrenches. Thus, using conventional tools for fitting the solar panel is not the way to get the job done correctly. We deploy the use of professional-grade tools to ensure each panel is installed efficiently. Hence, you don’t have to worry about upgrading your tools. SolarX Enterprises makes the job effortless and precise by using a set of professional tools for installation.

Full-warranty solar packages

Our solar panel installation service comes with a full warranty on the service package. So, it can cover many types of damages for your solar panel in Gurdaspur to make the investment secure. Also, being the top-rated solar company, we only install high-quality solar panels. Furthermore, we have PV solar panels which come with low maintenance. Although, you just need to ensure regular cleaning of panels to keep them in good working.

Power up your home/office with solar energy by SolarX Enterprises

Solar system is the future to save the planet by switching to green sources of energy. So, by installing the solar panel in Gurdaspur, we help you to be a part of clean energy. So, get in touch with SolarX Enterprises today to discuss your specific project needs. 

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